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Welcome to Jurassic Turdipedia, the official website for good ol' Jurassic Park/World rip-offs.

Please note: Don't just make up your own, completely different stories and rip-offs! You're welcome to create new dinos and characters, but if any of the moderators, admins or other high-up users disagree with your ideas, they will be deleted. Continued vandalising will result in a ban. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!

Notable Dinosaurs/Other creatures

  1. T.Rex King
  2. Evil Bryan
  3. Swagraptor
  4. The YouTubesaurs
  5. Indilophotaurus
  6. Ceratodonyx
  7. Gothraptor
  8. Ankylospinoraptor
  9. Smiley Don
  10. The Carno Gang

Latest activity

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